ReDiMed Radiological Communication Center

ReDiMed is a system designed to transfer patient imaging documentation between healthcare facilities. The system allows you to send DICOM scanning pictures and descriptions (Digital Imaging and Communacition in Medicine). You can also attach any additional files (such as documents, presentations) to uploaded images.

The system is secured with transmission management and guarantees that the transferred data will not be deleted on the ReDiMed central server before it is successfully received and decoded by the recipient. Transferring to or from the server is renewable. This means that after a temporary interruption of the Internet connection, the connection is restored and the transfer continues where it was interrupted. In the event of short-term connection failures, the transfer is restored without user intervention. The transferred data automatically compresses the loss of data, saving up to 50% of the transferred volume.

The transmission is protected by asymmetric encryption, that is, the data can only be decrypted by the recipient. Any patient information can not be obtained even in the case of wiretapping or attacking the central ReDiMed server, because the transmitted data and pictures are encrypted only to the addressee. The authenticity of the transmitted data is verified by digital signatures, which prevents the sending and receiving of counterfeits. A database of authorized clients is maintained on the server and only access to data boxes is allowed.

Other system properties

  • all data are encrypted, and for the purpose of increasing the level of protection of personal data, it is not possible to send unprotected and unsigned data,
  • communication is possible between any two clients, without the possibility of monitoring this communication with other clients of the Radiological Communication Center ReDiMed.

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