Service ReDiMed

  • ReDiMed is a program that runs automatically on a client that provides communication (transfer of encrypted images)
  • ReDiMed is fully automated and can work without user intervention,
  • The ReDiMed service enables simple integration of the Radiology Communication Center into other systems within a particular healthcare facility.

ReDiMed Console indent

  • through the user interface, ReDiMed Console, it is possible to send, receive and browse patient image files (images) as well as track the progress of individual processes,
  • The ReDiMed console allows you to watch video data upload directly from DICOM compatible browsers.

Examples of use

  • the entire medical facility uses one software installation of the ReDiMed Service on a computer accessible to the entire facility, all the staff of that healthcare facility act outwardly as one institution,
  • a radiologist working alone at home has a ReDiMed software console installed on his computer and a ReDiMed software service. Such a home radiology practitioner then acts as one institution.

    Note: An institution understands any workplace managed by one software installation of the ReDiMed Service.